Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Good morning,

I decided to publish my senior research project online for a couple reasons.

1.  I think my research is relevant.  Major League Baseball trails the National Football League in regards to offering their current and former players career development and continuing education opportunities.  In 2009, there were only 29 college graduates on opening day major league rosters.  The NFL has over 400 college graduates on current rosters and the NBA has more than 90 graduates.  This difference can be attributed to several factors.  One of them being the lack of career development and continuing education programs that are offered to MLB players.

2.  To market myself.  I believe I can be an asset to a Major League baseball organization.  I have an interest in scouting, player development, and baseball operations and administration.  I am hoping the content I place on this blog will show a prospective employer or client I have the ability to prepare reports and conduct independent studies and investigations.

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