Thursday, December 23, 2010

NHL Continuing Education and Career Development Programs

The NHL Alumni Association partners with the Professional Athlete Transition Institute (PATI) to develop and implement programs to assist with career development and transition services for all former and current NHL athletes.  The PATI is implemented by Quinnipiac University and is located in Hamden, Connecticut. The PATI is dedicated to the development of niche services designed to meet the career development, career transition, education and research needs of elite athletes and the organizations that serve them. (“Professional athlete training, 2010”)  The PATI offers a variety of customized services for former NHL athletes. These services are designed to enhance the educational, business, skill development, and personal goals of current and former NHL members.
The PATI offers the following specialized services to all current and former NHL players: entrepreneurial services, educational services, career exploration and transition, one-on-one business and life coaching, business skills development, and work study programs. 
The PATI recognizes that all professional athletes possess a variety of unique competencies and skills related to teamwork, leadership, perseverance, and discipline that are unique to the  new career seeking athlete.  They also understand that athletes lack first-hand corporate work experience.  The PATI strategically partners with several corporations to develop a dynamic learning community, with customized, flexible job-shadow, information meeting, mentor and Internship guidelines and programs. (“Professional athlete training”, 2009
 Below is a link to the PATI


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